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    These can be served during the photo session, seated or at the buffet station

    If served during a photo session as canapés we can give up to a 20 % discount on price. 

    Meat balls with homemade peppadew mayoSalmon and cream cheese on bruschetta’sCaprese skewers with a homemade basil pestoTangy shrimp cocktail on a bed of crisp butter lettuceCrumbed prawn with sweet chill mayo and peppadew dipGrilled chicken wingsChicken, bacon and jalapeno bitesLightly crumbed chicken strips with honey and mustard sauceCrunchy vegetable spring rolls with sweet chilli sauceRavioli and creamed spinachHalloumi with a slice of lemon and sweet chilli sauceLamb Kofta kebabsDinner rolls (rosemary and salt rolls and or garlic rolls) served with chilli, garlic and butter


    All served with dinner rolls (rosemary and salt rolls and or garlic rolls) and 300ml of soup

    Thick minestrone topped with parsleyRich butternut orange soup with a hint of peppers and a splash of creamCreamy tomato soup garnished with cream topped with basil and celerySkinny creamy chicken broccoli soupChicken noodle soup


    The Harvest Table has the following on them; Bree, Camembert, Blue Cheese, Philadelphia, Bella Bells and Kiri, Savoury biscuits (variety of four), bread stick, bread (cheese and original), melba toast, butter, Preserves (figs and peppadew), olive’s (black and green), pickled onions, tzatziki, humus, pesto’s (basil and peppadew), Table fruit, vegie chips, Chicken liver pate, biltong, dry wors, chilli sticks


    Served buffet style


    LAMB - Slow roasted lamb with rosemary and olive oil


    BEEF - Honey and mustard roast beefBEEF - Beef fillet medallions in a wild mushroom sauceBEEF - Creamy beef stroganoff with wild mushroom and fresh herbsBEEF - Traditional Italian beef lasagneBEEF - Mild and spicy beef curry


    CHICKEN - Lemon and herb grilled chickenCHICKEN - Honey and mustard baked chickenCHICKEN - Chicken cordon bleu, ham and cheese or spinach and fetaCHICKEN - Creamy chicken and mushroom pieCHICKEN - Chicken-a-la-king with button mushroomsCHICKEN - Honey chicken and pineapple with roasted vegetablesCHICKEN - Butter chicken curry


    PORK - Seared leg of pork


    FISH - Baked hake with char-grilled baby tomatoesFISH - Baked hake in a creamy mushroom sauce


    Seasonal olive oil roasted vegetablesOld farm famous roast potatoesBaby potatoes with garlic and parsleyBaked potato with bacon and cream cheeseCreamy potato and mushroom bakeCreamed spinach and fetaCheesy cauliflower and broccoli bakeCinnamon butternutButternut and Danish feta bakeHomemade pumpkin and sweet potato gnocchiOuma se Pumpkin fritters in a caramel sauce


    CouscousYellow riceBasmati RiceWhite RiceYorkshire puddingSelection of breads (ciabatta, French loaf, cheese and olive) and dinner rolls (rosemary and salt and or garlic) and butters


    Savoury gravyApple and honey sauceCroutonsSambalsCoconutChilliGarlicTzatzikiPesto


    Waldorf walnut and apple coleslaw saladFresh carrot, pineapple and raisin saladCreamy homemade potato saladCucumber, beetroot and feta saladMild rich curry pasta and peach saladClassic Greek salad with Danish fetaStella’s four bean saladAsian style crunch coleslaw saladWatercress, strawberry and feta saladCaprese salad drizzled with basil pesto and balsamic saladShaved butternut, baby spinach and mozzarella balls saladGerman green beans, bacon and potato saladGreen beans, tomatoes and mozzarella saladRoast butternut and mozzarella salad


    Rich oven baked cheese cakeCaramel peppermint crisp tartLemon meringue pieSticky malva pudding with hot custard or creamFresh fruit salad and ice-creamSorbetChocolate volcanoChocolate fountain with variety of fresh fruitDoughnut Delight- We will check a week before your function which donuts Krispy Kreme has in stock and give you the choices.Vanilla bean ice-creamBar One chocolate sauceUpside-down lemon cheesecakeDecadent white mousse with strawberry jelly topped with nutsLemon infused cheesecake on a crumble biscuit baseMini milk tarts, mini lemon meringues, mini caramel peppermint tarts, caramel cones


    Only open bar options available
    Cool drinks and waterBeers and cidersBeers, ciders, wine and hardtackSlush puppies (Min 70 persons)Iced coffee (Min 40 persons)Standard tea and coffee stationFull Tea & Coffee station for 50 people

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