We offer a range of services such as waitron services, scullery and runners, function managers and chefs. We can also organise a complete catering solution. Find out more about our event staff services below

You are hosting a chic and stylish event that is going to be attended by the A-list of who’s who in Johannesburg and you need some fantastic flairing barmen and bar staff to add that something special to the event.

We can assist you by providing a professional team of barmen and speciality mixers who will comprehensively manage the bar service at your event, freeing you up as a host and ensuring that your event is a success.

We know that function staff are frequently the face of an event and that creating a favourable first impression is essential. At Vine Hospitality, we are proud to offer the entertainment and event industry the very best in barmen service and management by ensuring that our bar staff is well trained, professional, friendly and impeccably presented.

Our bar staff have been trained in the mixing and serving of a complete menu of cocktails and shooters from Cosmopolitans, Long Island Iced Teas and Mojitos to Springboks, Flaming Ferraris and Suitcases. Our speciality barmen and flairers have extensive experience in creating just the right amount of drama and excitement at a variety of different events.

The bar staff at Vine Hospitality will be on hand to set up the bar before the event and they will assist with the breakdown once the function is over, doing stock counts and clearing glasses if need be. We can tailor the drinks menu and staffing to suit the requirements of your specific function, be it a corporate dinner, house party or wedding.

We recommend one barmen per thirty guests, regardless of whether the event is a formal seated buffet, a gala plated dinner or a cocktail party.

The chef in Gauteng you choose to hire can have a significant impact on the outcome of your function or party. Mediocre food can undermine the success of an event but great food can make up for a number of shortfalls. This is why it is so important to ensure that your kitchen staff are of the best calibre and are able to provide a meal that is truly exceptional.

We have a number of executive, sous and pastry chefs on our books, all of whom have received the best catering training and experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Whether your menu is cordon bleu or hors d’oevre based, our chefs are up to the task of providing the menu of your requirements.

Our freelance chefs are well versed in a number of cooking styles and are capable of slotting into an existing kitchen team or of working with a full team provided by us.

Let us help you set up a menu that people will remember! For the best dishes, flavours and combinations, hire one of our chefs in Gauteng for your next event.

Planning and hosting a function can be quite a challenge and sometimes it is worth calling in the professionals to handle the dirty work for you. A function manager in Gauteng, also known as an event coordinator, will act as your right hand, go-to person for the duration of your event.

Our managers are tasked with the setting up and running of an event. They will coordinate and direct all of the staff of the event, such as caterers, waiters, entertainers, decorators and barmen.

A function manager is normally contracted during the planning phases of an event and can assist you in scouting and choosing a location and deciding on the look and feel for an event. They are on hand on the day of the event to free you up by taking responsibility for the set-up of the venue, including the décor and any other special requirements such as electronic equipment or sound systems.

We ensure that our function managers are experienced and well versed in the intricacies of event management. Our staff is organised, energetic and flexible and they do not get flustered when faced with stressful situations. This means that you can rest easy knowing that any problems will be quickly and efficiently resolved.

We recommend one function manager per fifty to one hundred guests. This will ensure that the Vine Hospitality event management team can provide that professional touch to your event, ensuring that it runs smoothly and is a success.

At successful events, there is always one person who manages the waitron staff and who ensures that the correct food is delivered to the guests, glasses are kept fully charged and dirty plates are cleared. This is the job of a head waiter and he or she is integral to the smooth supply of food and beverage at any event.

When you hire a head waiter for your event, this person is considered to be the senior member of the waitering staff and will assist the function manager and the event management team by supervising the junior waitrons and servers and they will often interact with guests to resolve any problems.

We regard the primary responsibility of a head waiter as leading the rest of the waiters throughout their shift, ensuring that your guests are kept happy and that your event is a success.

Our head waiters are impeccably presented, well groomed and articulate. Friendliness and efficiency are the cornerstones of our success at providing waitron staff and our head waiters will ensure that all of waiters serve your guests as per instructions.

No one wants to be washing dishes or rinsing out glasses at the end of an event. It is a far better idea to hire freelance scullery staff and runners to ensure that the caterer’s crockery and cutlery is returned in time and with the minimum number of breakages.

We are proud to be able to supply quality scullery staff and runners to the event and entertainment industry as well as private clients for smaller, personal functions. We ensure that our staff are polite, well trained and neatly presented and ready to provide exceptional back of house support and service to the kitchen and waiters.

Our runners are well groomed and neatly uniformed and are on hand to assist the waitron staff with the removal of plates and glassware. They are responsible for keeping the guests’ tables free of debris between each course and they will assist with the event breakdown on completion.

We recommend the following ratios of staff for the following types of events:

  • Plated meal – one scullery staff per one hundred guests
  • Informal buffet – one scullery staff per one hundred guests
  • Formal seated buffet or gala dinner – one scullery staff per one hundred guests
  • Cocktail party – one scullery stuff and one runner per one hundred guests

Get the best in the business and make sure your event runs smooth by hiring our scullery staff and runners.

Waitering staff in Gauteng can make or break an event – you want staff that are professional and that provide excellent service.

Most guests attending an event will regard the waiters as being the face of the event, the first point of contact they have. They create the all-important first impression and can directly impact on the success of a function because good service is as important as delectable food and beverage. Choosing the best freelance waitron staff will ensure that your guests will leave your function happy and satisfied.

Our waitron staff can be hired for a number of different types of events, from gala dinners and cocktail functions to small boardroom luncheons or high teas.

We are proud of the friendly and accommodating attitude of our serving staff and we ensure that they are well groomed, neatly presented and personable. Our team of waiters are experienced and well trained and they are guaranteed to make your event a success.

For a plated meal, we recommend hiring one waiter for every ten guests. For a buffet, two waiters per thirty guests is optimal and for a cocktail party, three waiters per fifty guests.

Any event or function that uses a sommelier or wine steward in Gauteng is sure to be up market, trendy and most importantly – a success. It does not take a special talent to open a bottle of wine but a wine steward is expected to know all about the bottle, the wine’s vintage and how it was made, all of which adds cachet and class to an event.

Our wine stewards are wine lovers, interested in the wine making process and all other elements of viticulture. Their knowledge extends to vineyards, regions, grapes and vintages. Our wine stewards also know about wine cellars and the storage of wine and they have the required refined palate so that they know when a wine has soured.

Wine selection, wine pouring and wine selling are all part of the wine steward’s job. A sommelier should be able to choose the correct glasses, describe the wine, check its label and guide the diner into smelling and tasting the wine. We ensures that our wine stewards are skilled at wine pairing or matching specific wines to specific dishes to enhance the flavours and experience of both.

If you’re hosting one of the following events, consider hiring a wine steward:

  • Cocktail parties;
  • Large functions;
  • Corporate events;
  • Dinner parties;
  • And more.

Our wine stewards will oversee the wine list for your event and will make recommendations based on budget, the menu and the look and feel of the function. Our sommeliers are comfortable talking to guests about wines and can make recommendations according to their tastes and palates.